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Gas Safety & Carbon Monoxide Detection

What is a gas safety check or landlord certificate?

  • A gas safety check involves a Gas Safe registered engineer inspecting your gas appliances.
  • Gas appliances are on the right setting and burning correctly with the correct operating pressure.
  • The check will identify any defects which require remedial work.
  • You should have a gas safety check every year.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Facts

Carbon Monoxide can kill !! Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, poisonous gas produced by gas appliances which have not been properly installed or maintained. You can't see it. You can't taste it. You can't even smell it but carbon monoxide can kill without warning in just a matter of hours.

You are particularly at risk when you are asleep because you cannot recognise the early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. These include tiredness, drowsiness, headache, nausea, pains in the chest and stomach pains. These symptoms can mimic many common ailments and may easily be confused with flu or simple tiredness.

Some of the reasons you may be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Your appliance was poorly installed
  • Your appliance is not working properly
  • Your appliance has not been checked for safety or maintained regularly
  • There is not enough fresh air in the room
  • Your chimney or flue gets blocked up
  • You allow an engineer who is not on the Gas Safe Register to install or maintain your appliance(s).

Landlord Legal Requirements

Anyone who lets residential accommodation (such as houses, flats and bedsits, holiday homes, caravans and boats) as a business activity is required by law to ensure the equipment they supply as part of the tenancy is safe to use. The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 requires that all mains electrical equipment (cookers, washing machines, kettles, etc), new or second-hand, supplied with the accommodation must be safe.therefore landlords are required to regularly maintain the electrical equipment they supply to ensure it is safe.

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